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Advise and quote on a computer - Free

Assess your requirements. Explain in easy to understand language what kind of computer would best suit your needs. Submit three quotes to you- no obiligation to purchase

Setup call - for new computers $130ph

Setup windows for the first time

Load programs supplied by you

Install one printer

Setup existing Internet connection

Setup email accounts

Troubleshoot call $110ph

Experiencing problems with your computer/software/printer?

Troubleshoot call will locate and fix the problem.Does not include any new hardware, or rebuild/formatting of machine

  • Diagnose the problem
  • Reinstall a single item of software if required
  • Quote on new hardware and installation if hardware is found to be faulty

Data Recovery $200 per drive

If your have lost your data, unplug your computer - disconnect at the power or for laptops remove the battery - do not use the windows shutdown featrue. Phone as soon as you can 0411350596, preferably before trying to recover the data yourself, as this often makes the job more difficult.

                           No fix,No fee..

Virus/spyware call $130ph

A virus, spyware or malware could be causing your computer and internet connection to slow down.

Virus/spyware call will clean out the bugs, trojans, and virus which could be causing the sluggish behaviour.

  • Locate and remove viruses, spyware and malware from your computer.
  • Optimise startup

Software not working call $110ph

Windows won't start - gives you error messages, or a blue screen with messages.

Software not working call will diagnose the problem and restore to a working condition.

  • Diagnose the fault - restore machine to working

Hardware not working call $110ph

Windows won't start - gives you error messages, or a blue screen with messages.

Hardware not working call will diagnose the problem and quote on repairs

  • Diagnose the fault
  • Backup all data if possible
  • quote on hardware repairs required

Internet protection call $110ph

Do you have the right security for your computer?

Internet protection call will ensure your computer has uptodate security software installed and the settings are correct on upto 2 machines

  • Supply and Install Security Software - Antivirus/spyware/malware protection
  • run updates and full check
  • Secure wireless network

Network call $145ph

If you have more than one computer, connecting them with a wireless network can help you achieve much more flexibilty.

Network call allows you to share a single Internet connection, share printers, share data files, all without cables giving you flexibilty to work where you want to work.

  • Connect modem router to internet
  • Create Secure wireless network
  • Connect up to 2 devices to the wireless router
  • Configure file sharing between two computers
  • Share existing functioning printer
  • Install network cards if required